mudroom: one-of-a-kind mudroom bench

mudroom: one-of-a-kind mudroom bench
written by David

It is truly great to have a client with a sense of adventure as well as one who is unafraid to try something FUN. Jessica Marshall is just that client. Jess wanted a mudroom bench that was “different” but not so different that it would clash with the traditional cabinetry in their adjacent butler’s pantry.

I knew this was going to be a project for the books when I gave her the rough pencil sketch showing a 1970’s gray-metal high school-style gym locker (painted with the RAF Logo) set atop a bench constructed of reclaimed barn wood with mismatched legs and she exclaimed, “Awesome… when can you start? Hold on, where are you going to get a locker like that?”

Well, the secret was, I already had the locker and was waiting for an opportunity to use it in something creative.

I had the reclaimed barn wood too but, my real worry… where was I going to find the mismatched bench legs. That mystery was solved when I found an 1850’s hand-carved solid cherry post from a four-poster bed.

I was able to cut the post into four different and yet very distinct sections. However, if you look at the bench legs long enough and you have an imagination you can see that they all came from the source.

While I was knee deep in the install I realized that the bench seat needed a back. A back would help tie everything together give the project size and scale and complete the “fully-built-in” vision. Additionally, adding the bench back allowed for the inclusion of a mirror, for those last second make-up/hair “checks” before walking out the door, and a chalk board for important family messages or words of inspiration.

and the finished built-in looks like…


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