basement: over-the-top gaming room bar rail

written by David

Homeowners, Jess and Eric Marshall have a warm, comfortable and inviting esthetic that leans towards vintage Americana and the finish and feel they wanted for their basement gaming room bar rail was the rich natural patina of reclaimed barn wood.  That was all the direction I was given… the rest was up to ME.

The chosen wall was 20 feet across with a ceiling height of 9 feet and oh yeah, just to make things interesting, there was a 5 feet 6 inch wide by 22 inch deep, bumped-out, utility chase in the northeast corner.


As luck would have it, I had already secured the barn that I would be dismantling for the project so I knew the color, texture and dimension of the wood… and for the record, the stuff is absolutely fantastic!  Rough cut  American Oak board and batten exterior had originally been painted with fence black.  The paint had, over the years, faded from black to this magnificent hue of mottled brown, black, purple and gray (a perfect complement to the two (2) different tones of purple paint already on the basement walls).  The area where the battens had covered remained natural giving the wood an appearance of stripes.



My original design sketch was based on the classic lines of an old-time saloon back bar.  The finished product with its epoxy coated bar surface, bent copper rail face, spectacular light fixtures (Restoration Hardware) and art piece that includes a custom designed and constructed one-of-a-kind 6-cue rack, assembled from the barn wood and a piece of the barn’s metal roofing, is a sight to behold.



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