sunroom: library built-in

sunroom: library built-in
written by David

There’s an old saying, “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” and it was never more true than during the construction of this very unique sunroom library built-in.  The Homeowner’s wanted to remove a short section of hand rail that ran between two pilasters at the entrance to their sunroom and replace it with a “lawyer’s case” style built-in bookcase.  The built-in was to have glass doors on the sun room side and a simply finished recessed panel on the dining side.

After several sketches it was decided that the entire wall on both sides would be finished with recessed panels including the inside surrounds of both sunroom entrances and the surround above the built-in.

Enter a curb-side trash pile complete with an intact vintage Mission-Style  L. & J.G. Stickley Curio Cabinet.

The cabinet’s frame, top and doors are all solid wood.  The doors contained their original glass and ALL of the original hand-forged brass hardware; including hinges, pulls and locks, was still in place.  The veneer on the sides and back had started to de-laminate, but that didn’t matter as I planned to remove them before installing the cabinet into the space.  After looking the cabinet over and hearing how it would be included as an integral part of their built-in, the Homeowner’s readily agreed to the change.

The addition of an awesome antique cabinet resulted in several simply killer upgrades that truly completed the project.  First, the height of the cabinet left the resulting top at bar height… so, I cantilevered the top into the dining area creating a space just begging for some bar stools.  Then I trimmed the entire top with a wide band of custom-stained, to match the floors, oak that encloses a bar surface constructed of salvaged Ipe’ decking.  The entire top is finished with three (3) hand-rubbed coats of Minwax Tung Oil Finish .

Finally, I added three (3) low voltage dimmable puck lights in the recessed panels above the bar and another pair in the top of the cabinet.  The upper lights cast a dramatic glow across the bar top while the cabinet lights throw a soft wash of light across the floor in the sunroom.


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