powder room: an unexpected treat

powder room: an unexpected treat
written by David

Karen and Joe Durishin purchased their 1970’s era Reston, Virginia townhouse in the late 1990’s.  Over the years they have added unique and amazing touches to their super cool home with its modern floor plan and the awesome flying metal and wood stairs.  In fact, the only untouched original space on the main level was the powder room…and what a sight it was!

The room is large 3 feet by 8 feet and  the ceilings are a full 9 feet.  The funniest thing in the room, the existing toilet.  It was laughably miniature, bordering on child-sized. The vanity was not much better, a low pedestal-style sink that stood lonely and small at the opposite end of the room. On the floor, an uninspired crème marble tile with red veining.

Clearly time had come for a fresh new look.  Something more in-tune with the rest of the place, but…something seriously unexpected!  That something that makes you stop and say “WOW!” when you open the door.  Our vision, a Zen-like space with a built-in vanity featuring a log from an old log home and some reclaimed barn wood. The whole thing would be sanded smooth, stained very dark and finished with a thick shiny coat of lacquer.  The Homeowners where sceptical, but game.  So, the powder room was gutted!  Striped down to its bare bones of drywall and sub-floor, a veritable blank slate.

Off to Home Depot to shop.

After looking at some seriously expensive Special Order sinks the in-stock Kohler Archer® practically jumped off the shelf.  The Archer®, actually just the top of 2-part pedestal-style sink system, at only $115.00 was the perfect shape for the aesthetic we were trying to achieve.  Although not specifically designed for it the sink could be installed on a deck and the resulting low square profile would fit perfectly with the overall design.  For the faucet the Homeowner choose the very cool Moen “Banbury” in brushed nickel.

The floor absolutely had to make a statement so we suggested a large glazed porcelain tile “Onyx Sand” by MS International with a crossing border pattern of a “Montagna Belluno” Porcelain Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Tile by Marazzi Tile.  As a bit of serendipity we also used the Montagna Belluno Mosaic Tile coupled with a Natural Travertine Pencil Border to create a backsplash surround for the vanity top.  Finally, for a toilet, the Homeowner selected the Sterling Stinson® Elongated Toilet with Pro Force® Technology.  Not only is the Stinson a full-sized “throne” but it is also a full 2 inches taller than the standard.

With material shopping out-of-the-way it was time to transform the space.

So, what do you think?


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