leather cuff design: The PlanetDwell Lookbook

leather cuff design:  The PlanetDwell Lookbook
 written by Stephanie

Before Thanksgiving, I did a photo shoot of my leather cuff collection with my beautiful friend whose name is also Stephanie.  Stephanie looked great in the shoot and the cuffs were gorgeous on her.  (I will have to produce some leather earrings and necklaces so that we can see more of Stephanie’s lovely face and not just her wrists.  Hmmmm….  good idea!)  She layered my cuffs with her own collection of silver and Hermes bracelets.  Some of the cuffs were photographed on her collection of exquisite scarves from Paris, France.  I adored seeing the leather paired with the Parisian scarves!  The textures and colors were beautiful together.   We even talked her husband  into modeling the men’s Cap’n Jack cuff for me  (thank you Brice!).

So peeps,  take a look at the PlanetDwell Lookbook.  If you see something you like, go to the “Leather Cuff Design” page on the menu to inquire/order.

Stay posted, I will be posting a few new designs very soon!


PlanetDwell Lookbook



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