life in a log cabin: out with the old…

life in a log cabin: out with the old…

Well 2013 is here (FINALLY!) and after a year, in very close quarters, living around boxes of things, piles of things and the endless retrieving of things from storage, Stef and I are beyond ready to “unload some THINGS!”. Years of acquiring THINGS have left us with an impressive assemblage of THINGS and we had no idea of the right venue for selling them. We tried Craigs List (never again), ebay local classified (way better than Craigs List), later this month we are having a local auctioneer sell some stuff and last but certainly not least, we have a few treasured items (read: higher end) on which we did not wish to pay the auctioneer’s commission. So, we thought we might post them here to see if any of our family, friends or followers may be interested in acquiring something special.

The first photo is of an Antique French linen cabinet, although we used it to store Italian Cooking Pottery in our old home, that was removed from a 17th century French Nunnery. We purchased the piece from Exter Antiques in Leesburg. Stephanie hand painted the flowers and the swags. Additionally, the inside of the cabinet, shelves and sides, have been lined and pin-tucked in coordinated green gingham and green toile fabrics.

Nunnery Cabinet 2

The Drum Table below was purchased from the Black Shutter Antiques in Leesburg. The top is 40″ diameter and we were told that the table once graced the foyer of the Dabney Douglas Plantation near Richmond, Virginia.

Drum Table 2Drum Table 1

The Isfahan Floral rug below is as beautiful as it is HUGE. The  rug was in storage until April of last year and the first floor it has ever been down on is our current bedroom floor. As you can see from the tag (which is still on the rug) it was graded as “very, very fine”, the colors are amazing and it is soooooo soft.

Isfhan Floral Rug 4
Isfhan Floral Rug 1Isfhan Floral Rug 6Isfhan Floral Rug 5

If anyone is interested in any of these beautiful items please let us know by sending an email or commenting on this post. We have several additional items we will include when we update this post. While we hate to part with these THINGS we simply do not have room for these larger pieces in the log cabin and do not wish to see them waste away in storage. CHEERS!Our Signature


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