serendipity: as in the style of one of my favorite authors, Darynda Jones, “I would tangle on the floor with you anytime.” ~~ tshirt


written by stephanie

First and foremost, hello everyone! It has been some time since our last post. Truthfully, it’s hard to maintain a blog when there has not been a lot going on in our lives. It was a quiet Winter and Spring and now our Summer is just flying by. At the beginning of the year, David had started work on a complete house renovation. As you will see in an “upcoming post”, he took an eyesore of a neglected home and turned it into a beautiful custom-built cottage. Stay tuned for the details.

What I really wanted to blog about is Zentangle. I first heard the word while attending my local “Stampin’ Up” stamp camp – aka, wine camp (While my friends and I go to make beautiful cards with rubber stamps, it is imperative that a bottle of wine accompany our creative endeavors.). Our fearless Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Sharon Cline, mentioned a class called Zentangle, taught by a Certified Zentangle Instructor (CZT), Amy Goodyear. Her excitement over the class was visible and she said the word Zentangle with much glee in her eyes. I asked myself, is this a new yoga style, maybe new lingo in the game of Twister, some form of meditation while my body is twisted in a pretzel? My mind went “to the dark side” and thought… maybe it’s a Kamasutra position?

So what is it you ask? It is a method of drawing in repetitive patterns to create a beautiful image. During the act of drawing, one often reaches a state of relaxation and enjoyment. It increases creativity and focus. The act of doing it is often referred to as to tangle, tangled or tangling. Once again, I find myself thinking about the game of Twister or darker yet… oh sorry, let’s get back on track. There are thousands of official patterns with ambiguous names. Me personally, what better way to artistically express myself while indulging my OCD tendencies. One can obsess over a single repetitive pattern over and over until it grows and evolves into a soothing image for the brain. The only downside for the OCD me is that the use of an eraser is forbidden and 90% of the drawing is done in ink. The theory is that there are no mistakes. Tell that to the hamsters in my head spinning the OCD wheels of perfection. Of course, if I find myself compelled to “tangle” on the bathroom stall of a restaurant, I may need to call my doctor. You laugh, there are those who have tangled their bathroom floor. The Zentangle art form was co-founded and copyrighted by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Here is an example of one of their drawings.


These two were a couple of smart cookies to expand an on an art form and call it their own. Can you say books, art supplies, instructor certification seminars, how to classes… ka ching! Remember that art class back in high school or college where you had to draw a repetitive pattern with one continual line? That large blank piece of sketch paper was mocking you and staring you down! Personally, I viewed that technique as torture. Now the world of repetitive pattern drawing has become forgiving and fun. If there happens to be a wine spot on my paper, I can just tangle that spot right into my image. On the days my two children have “taken me over the edge”, I can call upon my art therapy and tangle until my eyes are glazed over and the endorphins have taken me to a zen state. Seriously, this art form is being used in therapeutic settings. Everything from cancer patients during chemotherapy, unruly schoolroom environments, ADHD in children to anxiety-ridden moms!

Now for the unveiling of my first attempts …





Beam me up Mr. Scott before this last tangle becomes like a tribble! Its trilling seems to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system….. Spock



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