before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – day 7

before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – day 7
written by David and Stephanie
pictures by Stephanie
Day 7: …having finished their work, on the seventh day they rested.  
Like HELL, we’ve got miles to go before we sleep!

Okay, so maybe we didn’t start at the crack of dawn (it was more like 9:30 am) and maybe we did knock off a little early (sometime around 3:30 pm) but hey, we still banked a full seven days and made awesome progress. With seven days in the rear view, the cabin is a shadow of its former over-finished self. The place has been stripped down to the bare bones and ready to move into Phase II, the “Re-Build”.

day 7 #4

The day began by stripping away three layers of flooring from the main level of the cabin in search of the original floors. You could see them from below, in the cellar, so we knew they were there. After a couple of hours of scraping, pulling and splintering we found it…the original wide plank heart pine floor along with an insane number of nails (it will literally take days to pull them all!). There is no doubt the floor is in rough shape now but I am positive it will finish beautifully.

day 7 #2

We finished the day pulling nails, removing log chinking, loading trash into trucks and trailers and sweeping up copious amounts of dust.  By the time we left the house, it was “broom clean” and in great shape to begin framing and welcoming the trades.

day 7 #3

day 7 #1



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