before + after: chronicle of an 1820’s log cabin – day 9

before + after: chronicle of an 1820’s log cabin – day 9
written by David
pictures by Stephanie
dbd day 9

Day 9: Twelve Oaks it’s not, but it will be an impressive staircase for a log cabin nonetheless!

It is hard to see now with only a landing and some framing in place, yet inside my head I can clearly visualize the open staircase and the maple newels and handrail paired with wrought iron stiles as if they are already exist. Long before any of those elements are in place we needed to determine the size and height of the landing. As with everything planned for the cabin the finished dimensions and construction methodology will be driven by the 200 year-old framing, and the stairway is no exception. The actual width and length of the landing are being driven by the existing second floor joist layout and the squareness, or lack there of, in the log walls.  As luck would have it, there is an existing joist 42″ from the exposed log wall, with just one intermediate to be headed off, this creates an almost perfect stairway width. Now, to determine the landing height we once again need to look at the joists for the second floor and the elements in the planned layout. The plan is to install a powder room under the stairs so we need sufficient height, width and length to accommodate the fixtures. So, lots of math and head scratching later (let’s face it, the walls of the cabin are no where near square or plumb and the floors are not level…not a task for the fainthearted) we set the landing height and built the landing. The powder room is going to be a little tight on headroom, but hey not everyone is 6′ 7″ and it’s a cabin after all…and really, how many log cabins even have a powder room? Now that all the stairway dimensions are nailed down, it’s time to order the material for the stair stringers and finish the framing on the rest of the first floor. It was a little slow going today but totally necessary to assure that everything will work in this very tight space.

day 9 #2

As the day waned and I cleaned up the site, the new owners arrived for a brief design meeting…followed by a glass or two of wine at our log cabin across the street.  I’d like to take a moment to thank the new owners. Not only are they are great friends and super to work with, they have been unbelievably kind to me, Stef and our family over the last couple of years. Additionally, they both spent the entire first week as part of the “zombie” demolition crew covered in sweat, grime and 200 year-old dust. As for the results of the design meeting…well let’s just say an adjustment has been made that will make the master bedroom, upstairs in the cabin, one SWEET space so everybody get ready to “PIN” it on Pinterest. More to come as the framing progresses.

day 9 #1

 PlanetDwell ICON 300 res

We look forward to the days and weeks to come and hope you will continue to follow us on the “Chronicles of a Log Cabin.  We welcome any and all comments on our posts.  We would love your audience and implore you to “follow” and “like” us here on our blog.  We also encourage you to “share” our blog posts among your friends.

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