before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – day 15

before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – day 15
written by David
pictures by Stephanie
 dbd day 15

Day 15: “… he’s like the Tasmanian Devil in a Duck Dynasty t-shirt”.

The plumber, Mike Langley of Total Plumbing, started rough-in today.  He arrived mid-morning in classic Mike Langley fashion, a coffee-fueled bolt of lightning! Quiet would not be a word to describe Mike, Starbucks cup in hand, he stood in the middle of the downstairs bedroom shouting instructions and barking orders at his helper Paul. Mike is the first “trade” in and the house is awash in plumbing fittings, blue and red PEX water pipe and Schedule 40 PVC drain pipe. If today was any indication, by weeks end the plumbing rough-in should be nearing completion and ready for inspection early next week.


As promised, by mid-afternoon the masons, Dave Ratcliff and Alan Cochran arrived causing a mini-traffic jam in front of the house. A pair of over-sized pick-ups loaded with scaffolding, boards and laborers trying to park while two neighbors in their own vehicles were looking to pass. With one headed east and the other west, it was more than enough to create a “Mexican Stand-off” on the very narrow Williams Gap Road. Once the trucks had parked and the road cleared, the scaffolding was set together like an adult-sized Erector set. In very short fashion the scaffolding reached height, walk boards were set in place, the existing metal roof was cut back and… cinder blocks and rubble soon rained from the sky.

day 15 #2

day 15 #3

day 15 #4

As the sun set, the chimney was stripped, prepped and ready for the re-build, the firebox cleared and ready for its new profile, lintel and facing in general, all is well with the world… for now. Tomorrow there will be another full house! More framing, plumbing rough-in and the Mechanical Contractor, Jerry Mannix of Mannix Heating and Cooling, will have his guys on site running the line sets for the ductless mini-split heating and air system. I can almost smell the drywall dust!

It’s time to turn out the lights and call it a day.

day 15 #5

PlanetDwell ICON 300 res

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