before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – days 32 thru 35

before + after: chronicles of an 1820’s log cabin – days 32 thru 35
written by David
pictures by Stephanie

Day 32: Traffic…what traffic!

After 31 straight days working on our latest project, it is indeed time for a break. Friday morning, 29August2013, 0700 hours: the truck is loaded and Easton and Scarlett have the new magnetic PlanetDwell sign firmly affixed to the back door of the Suburban. Everyone, except me, is surrounded by the items deemed necessary for travel and comfort. Even Thunder, the Black Lab, ensconced in the  “way back”, is in digs fit for a king.  Our first stop is to see our friend Beth Reed at South Street Under in Leesburg for breakfast. Brown bags in hand we head for Starbuck’s for “fuel” before heading east on the Dulles Greenway toward Tyson’s Corner in search of I-495, the Capital Beltway. God love the Beltway…10+ lanes of heaving pulsing traffic, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Capital Beltway

A highway that has been under construction since, well, since it was under construction! It does not matter the time of day, the day of week or the time of year.  Traffic and traffic related delays are part of life. If I am not mistaken the DC Area has even gone so far as to over take LA for the longest traffic related commutes in the United States. Our favorite spot, and the favorite spot of many, is the I-270 Spur. If you are on the Inner Loop of the Beltway, the 270 Spur is a 7 lane split of traffic that functions about as well as trying stuff 10 lbs. of crap into a 5 lb. sack.

I270 Spur

We are heading to the beach and therefore ready to do battle so we pressed on east gripping the wheel with white knuckled anticipation. So, you ask: How did it go? How long were the delays? What did we run into? The one word answer, nothing! That’s right, NOTHING. In fact there were not even any lines at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Toll Booths.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Toll

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The bridge, pictured, was rated by Travel & Leisure Magazine as the ninth scariest bridge in the world for the panic it instills in Maryland residents

Read more:

That’s right, not a single car in front of us as we rolled up to pay the astronomical $5.00 toll just for the privilege of crossing the  ninth scariest bridge in the WORLD! We manage to cross the bridge without incident and we made it to the Delaware Shore in record time.

Time to relax.

Bethany Beach #1

Day 32: Eat. Drink. Sun. Oh yeah no State sales taxes! Love Delaware.

Eat. Drink. Sun… enjoy!

Bethany Beach #4

Bethany Beach #3

Bethany Beach #2

We look forward to the days and weeks to come and hope you will continue to follow us on the “Chronicles of a Log Cabin.  We welcome any and all comments on our posts.  We would love your audience and implore you to “follow” and “like” us here on our blog.  We also encourage you to “share” our blog posts among your friends.

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