Hi, we are the Hansen’s:  David, Stephanie, Easton, Scarlett and Thunder (the Black Lab).  Welcome to our Blog.  We created PlanetDwell, a culmination to 17 years of collecting… collecting dreams, things, ideas, designs, style evolutions, style revolutions, children, pets, DIY projects, home renovations and, in a nutshell, all that this beautiful life has to offer.  Together we live, we design, we create and now we hope to inspire.  As for our style… we are, “more Retro than Renaissance, more Bauhaus than Baroque.”

Why a Blog?  We have no idea!  While both Stephanie and I are creative and marginally tech savvy, neither of us is a writer or ever aspired to be one.  Bottom-line, the way we met… unconventional, our approach to life… unconventional, our style… unconventional and this medium (to us)… unconventional.  So, why not give it a shot.  Besides, a Blog seemed like a great way to keep track of our ideas, our inspirations and our projects.  A venue and release for the creative “voices in our heads“, a place to show our wares and creations and a cool way to keep friends and family updated about our lives.

That said, here goes nothing…

After 8 years of living in a much larger home we down-sized.  We opted for smaller digs and a simpler life-style.  We now live, with our two fantastic children, one energetic Black Lab and four small marsupials known as Sugar Gliders, in Round Hill, a tiny Northern Virginia town in suburban Washington, DC.  Oh yeah, almost forgot… we live in a log cabin.  That’s right, a real life 1850’s log cabin complete with logs, horse hair chinking, birds nesting in the chimney, snakes in the cellar and everything else fabulous about living in the country.  Our cabin is comfortable and cozy and heated by a wood stove.  The wood stove is of course flanked by a classic pair of Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Leather Sling Chairs… Ben Franklin meets Bauhaus!  We welcome everyone to follow along as we embark on a new and wonderful journey!


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    • Thanks for the read and the compliments! Stay tuned as the cabin progresses it too will be a cross kind of rustic/modern. Loved the name of your old cottage, “Thistledown”. Good luck on your re-buiold can’t wait to see the progress. Cheers, David and Stephanie PlanetDwell

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