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These are my boots… worn and comfortable.

They’ve logged lots of miles and have taken me on a quite a journey.

A journey?  Lol… more like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!  They have been with me all the way from a comfy corporate office gig to PlanetDwell.  They have taken me from a Virginia mountainside in the morning, as I stripped the siding off an old barn, to the basement of a beautiful Northern Virginia home in the afternoon where that same barn siding was transformed into an outrageous gaming room bar rail.  They have taken me from architectural salvage yards to antique emporiums and all points in between in search of “that something” that, with any luck, will turn the “ordinary into the extraordinary“.

After 16 years as a Land Development Civil Engineer (re: suit), I opted for a change.  Armed with what I thought where “mad skills” and fueled by dreams and visions of grandeur and riches, I decided to consult directly with property owners, not developers.  Led by what I believed was a very altruistic goal, to help the land owners navigate the labyrinth of local government so they could recognize the value benefit of their asset not the “paper developer”, I ventured out on my own.  Then, three years later, can you say real estate bubble!

Flash forward to today.  I’m still designing and building, only on a smaller scale.  I have evolved my years of land planning and civil engineering design into my current design approach.  I  design, the old-fashioned way, to scale with pencil on paper.  I generally provide the client several original sketches, sometimes only one.  These sketches always include construction notes and additional design ideas. (I think a couple of my clients may have even had the sketches framed, sort of like art.)  I use a variety of materials although I prefer to work with reclaimed and repurposed materials so that each project has that  one-of-a-kind feel.

Now, imagine if you can, that bar rail constructed of reclaimed barn oak, a cantilevered powder room vanity with a frontispiece from an 1850’s log cabin,  a mudroom bench with a seating surface of surplus bamboo flooring or a panelized sunroom wall complete with a slick bar top of Ipe’ decking and library area anchored by a sweet built-in J.G. Stickley curio cabinet scavenged from someone’s curbside trash pile.  If you can’t imagine any of these visit my photo gallery below to see the photos or search the before+after category to see the blog post.

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