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before + after: village of woodgrove 1820’s log cabin

before + after: village of woodgrove 1820’s log cabin
written by Stephanie

Life for me has been a bit like the life of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Our world was calm and serene one moment and then a tornado hit and bam, it’s a whole new world. David and I have traveled the Yellow Brick Road for a year and a half now trying our best to reinvent ourselves and searching for the right path back to serenity. There have been plenty of flying monkeys along the way and they haven’t stopped us yet! So, join us on our quest through OZ. This next adventure is bound to be a good one and we invite you to follow us along the way.

Across the street in front of our log cabin home, sits a small house with layers of history swathed upon its walls. The home was one of the original houses constructed in the early 1800’s in the Village of Woodgrove, in western Loudoun County. Yes, before the W and OD Railway came and before the Town of Round Hill, Virginia was established in 1858, there was the Village of Woodgrove.  After the arrival of the railway line, which terminated in Round Hill, the Village of Woodgrove became part of the growing Town of Round Hill.  Sitting to the east and across Woodgrove Road from our home, is the original Manor House of Woodgrove built in 1735. We have yet to meet these neighbors and would welcome the opportunity to meet them and see their lovely historic home. (Hmmm, maybe I should send our daughter, Scarlett, that way next year to sell her Girl Scout cookies!)

Back to the topic at hand, we were fortunate enough to know the last home owner of the small home across the street, Mr. James Hough (pronounced Huff). In the Spring of 2012, we moved into our log cabin and within days Mr. Hough introduced himself and welcomed us to the community. At 86 years young he resided alone and was still out and about driving his car. He told us he had been born and raised in Loudoun County and has lived in his current home since the 1940’s. He was born in February of 1925 and sadly, passed this last winter in January. In talking with Mr. Hough’s son, Jim, when came to clear the house after his father’s death, we discovered that Jim intended to sell the house. David saw an opportunity to put together a deal that could benefit both Jim Hough and a buyer. Flash forward… good friends of ours decided the property was a wise investment and offered PlanetDwell the job of designing and renovating their new purchase! The renovation plans are HGTV worthy and I just don’t understand why they won’t return my calls! Seriously, David and I will be blogging along the way on this baby, and so it begins…


A tour of the Hough home prior to demo…


Woodgrove 1st Floor prior demo

Woodgrove 2nd Floor prior demo

Stay tuned for the big reveal in our next post!!  Just to wet your appetite, below are pictures of the latest renovation completed by PlanetDwell (blog posting to come).

We turned this…

Four Oaks before demo

into this…

Four Oaks after renovation

Four Oaks after renovation

 Follow us as we chronicle this next journey on the Yellow Brick Road.