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new leather designs for spring…

new leather designs for spring…
by Stephanie

Whew…. it has been a whirlwind of activity at my design table.  I just wish I could clone myself to create a production line!  It’s finally done… the Spring 2013 Leather Jewelry and Accessories Line.  I have expanded my design process to include  a few necklaces, earrings, smartphone cases and card cases.  Please take a peek at my post to see what I have been doing.  You can always come back for a second look by visiting the PlanetDwell Lookbook Page on this blog. I have not listed pricing yet for the Spring Line.  I will be setting up an Etsy Shop where purchasing is readily available.  If you can’t wait for me to get the hamsters spinning their wheels in my computer, you can contact me directly for pricing and details.  Last but not least, I would like to thank my beautiful muse, Courtney for helping me photograph the new line!

spring 2013 lookbook 027

spring 2013 lookbook 005.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 008.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 023.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 018.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 017.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 015.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 014.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 012.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 010.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 019.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 009.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 011.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 007.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 006.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 004.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 003.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 002

spring 2013 lookbook 001

spring 2013 lookbook 016.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 021.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 024.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 020.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 022.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 026.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 025.jpg

spring 2013 lookbook 013.jpg



leather cuff design: check out the new designs to added to the PlanetDwell collection

leather cuff design:  check out the new designs to added to the PlanetDwell collection
written by Stephanie

Check out the new goodies added to the PlanetDwell Leather Cuff collection!

sugar skullmystic ink snap cuff

frolic true colorsicarus' wingthe huntresssaharamen's cap'n jackkid's cap'n jack

With over 20 designs to choose from, these one-of-a-kind leather cuffs are hand-made and hand-finished. Each cuff is individually stylized sporting reclaimed and salvaged leathers, denim, crystals, freshwater pearls, paint, ink, feathers or a combination of elements. Several designs are adorned with hand stitching that is painstakingly completed using waxed linen thread and embroidery thread in complimentary colors. The crystal and pearl embellishments are hand-stitched using silk beading thread for strength and durability. The standard cuff features dual snaps allowing for adjustments to fit most wrist sizes and the closure on the full wrap cuff is constructed of self-adjusting elastic cord. Many of the designs in the current selection of PlanetDwell Cuffs are proudly constructed of a cream-colored leather rescued from a 1970’s era Rolls Royce Silver Seraph. All PlanetDwell cuffs are created using some rescued and salvaged leathers, therefore colors and textures are subject to change based on availability. The Cap’n Jack Cuff is a featured unisex and kid’s.

PlanetDwell happily accepts payment through PayPal.  Upon your order request, we will invoice you directly through PayPal. Please use the form at the bottom of this post to contact PlanetDwell to inquire about ordering your own custom leather cuff.  This information can always be found in the menu selection “Leather Cuffs” on our blog.


butler’s pantry: built-in family activity staging area

butler’s pantry: built-in family activity staging area
written by David

“The Cooke’s are an active family”. Good God, if you only knew what an understatement that actually is! Their four children, ranging in age from 6 to 11, are involved in every sport and activity known to kid-hood. It is truly amazing how they manage to schedule every hour of every day with out a catastrophic mishap, yet somehow they do. It is all mom Suzy, like the “Great and Powerful Oz”… “pay no attention to what’s behind the curtain”, working from her uber-organized post in the family’s butler pantry. Her makeshift setup of a waist-high shelf/desk with a curtained front to hide school back-packs, snacks and copious amounts of sports gear was functional but certainly not ideal. What she had in mind was a built-in, very specific and very exacting. A built-in that would utilize every inch of space that a 2 feet deep, 7 feet wide and 8 1/2 feet tall butler’s pantry wall could give. A built-in that could evolve as the children grew.

In the beginning…

the foundation…

As there will be no sitting down in this area, the “desktop” had to be at comfortable height to stand and work. Below the waist-high, two-feet wide desktop Suzy needed four “equally-sized” cubes (I know siblings and you can be sure that they will measure to see if one of the cubes is bigger.) with doors, a storage locker for sports bags, equipment and the like with a door, an open locker; with a file drawer and two open shelves and finally, anchoring one end a tall broom closet with a door and enough room for the vacuum cleaner and of course, brooms. Above it all and, across the entire wall, a cabinet with three doors for storage of bottled water, sports drinks and snacks. With regard to visual aesthetics, their home is a beautifully renovated 1900’s raised cottage-style farm-house so the finish needed to fit the style of the period. Too that end, we decided on Shaker-style cabinet doors with ” union jack” patterned punched tin inserts. The upper cabinets are hinged with three reclaimed, re-styled and very old wood sash windows. The cabinet frames, trim and sash windows are all painted gloss white and the lower cabinet doors are painted in a gloss green to match the existing paint on the walls of the butler’s pantry. The desk top and the work station surround, constructed of re-claimed barn wood, with the work surface finished with a thick coating of 2-part clear epoxy complete the functional yet eclectic look. Task lighting was added under the upper cabinets to illuminate the work surface and the interiors of the upper cabinets were fitted with puck lights that offer either spot- lighting for collectibles and items of interest or can simply be used as ambient lighting.

in the end…

In the end, the finished piece looks just like the sketch all be it with a couple of twists. It truly fits the space and the style of the house to a tee. I am always amazed how elegant and possibly even refined the very rough re-claimed wood can look and feel when paired crisp white trim, complementary paint colors and slick glossy surfaces.

serendipity: Tagxedo, word cloud art

serendipity: Tagxedo, word cloud art
written by Stephanie

Today I stumbled upon a blog site called Laissezfair and I was instantly enamored by her hip and inspirational content.  She was blogging about a really cool website and thought I would share it with you.  Tagxedo.  It is a site-based  application that turns your words, poetry, news articles, famous speeches, slogans, and even your love letters into stunning works of art.  You simply input your text and the website provides the tools to help you create a word cloud shape.  There are numerous shapes, themes and fonts to choose from.  The tool also allows you to upload your own shapes and fonts to be as creative as your little heart’s desire.  After you have designed your word cloud you can save your image to file, share it on your social media sites or order your design on embellished products directly from the Tagxedo store.  Pretty cool… huh?

Here are some of my quick design ideas I came up with today.  Of course, the first one I did was with the PlanetDwell Blog tag words and categories in a tree silhouette….

I absolutely refuse to buy standard “off-the-rack” greeting cards.  I tend to hunt out the unique hand-made letter-press cards or I’ll just create my own.  I think hand-made cards just express much more sincerity and sentiment.  Tagxedo can help you do just that.

Tagxedo word cloud designs can easily be printed on card stock, iron-on transfer paper  and/or printer fabric paper.   With your images in hand you can than embellish t-shirts, aprons, canvas totes, pillow shams, table linens, tea towels, edges of pillow cases and sheets… the list goes on and on.

My brain was positively churning… this next design I thought would make a fun, funky and hip accent pillow for my black leather Wassily sling chair.  Needless to say, I am now well acquainted with the names of my daughter’s Crayola crayons!

How about a little quick and simple wall art.  By using printer ready canvas paper you can print your designs, frame them and hang them, all in a blink of an eye!  I created a little homage to family to hang on our “wall-of-fame” among the family pictures.

My last dabbling was with my daughter’s room in mind.  Scarlett, like her father, is a bit bird-like, that is to say they are attracted to shiny things.  Scarlett is always “finding” things on the ground during our outings to the craft stores and she returns home with her pockets brimming. So, I envision this design being transferred onto a square of muslin, framed in a shadow box with a hand full of “her treasures”, charms, beads and sequins all loosely rolling inside the frame…. whimsical and girlie!

Whew… so many ideas… so little time.  Clearly it’s time to log off and swing into a little DIY action.  Stay tuned my friends…