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serendipity: purcellville wine & food festival

written by David and Stephanie

Saturday evening, after herding the cats (read: children) into decent clothing and into the truck, we headed out of Round Hill, east some 5 miles, to the 1st Annual Purcellville Wine & Food Festival. The festival was hosted by the Town of Purcellville, Virginia in partnership with a host of local sponsors and was held in historic Old Town Purcellville on 21st Street. The street was closed at either end and revelers were treated to great local food, wine and entertainment.

First, let us say that the perfect time of day for a unique summer food and wine fest is definitely from 4pm until 9pm.  The time made for a true family friendly event, while there is no school for the kiddies (summertime) the 9pm closing assured that it would not be a late night out.  Second, with the heat of the day diminished the effect of the wine was dramatically less “heady”.  As they say, “When in Rome…” so, off we went to sample the tastings of the participating wineries and restaurants.

For us, the highlight of the evening were the wines from the Goose Creek Farm and Winery produced by Otium Cellars in Purcellville, Virginia.  Their wines were amazingly complex, simply delicious and distinctly un-Virginia wine-like in taste and drink-ability…  in a word, AWESOME!  We had an opportunity to spend a few moments speaking with the Otium Cellars Manager, Max Bauer.  We found Max both personable and knowledgeable about his product.  When asked about the farm, the vineyards and the cellar, Max was quick to let us know that the entire operation was family and dog friendly.  We will definitely be visiting the winery, in the very near future, with friends and dogs in tow!

The smell of food was in the air and for us the air was thick with the smells of North Carolina barbecue,  fish tacos and fine Italian cuisine.  Our son, Easton, a genuine barbecue aficionado waited patiently in line to order a North Carolina barbecue sandwich topped with coleslaw from Boodacades BBQ Restaurant. Honestly, the sandwich was as big as his head!  He ate every bite and to our amazement he managed to get ALL of it in his mouth and not a drop of it on his clothes.  He gave the feast an enthusiastic two-thumbs-up! ( Side Note:  David had one later in the evening…. definitely two-thumbs-up!)  We dined on the fish tacos  and  lobster roll sandwiches from Magnolia”s  and they were heavenly!  Finally, Scarlett gave the white pizza from Anthony’s Restaurant a shot and proclaimed it yummy.  This is high markings coming from a girl eating a new food outside her comfort zone!

Most of the shops in Old Town remained open during the festival.  One of our new favorites is It’s Bazaar on 21st Street an eclectic antique/consignment store and Coffee Shop.  They have a great mix of items inside the shop and the front sidewalk is arranged like a southern front porch that is begging you to sit down and have a glass of sweet tea.

As the evening wound down and we made our way toward the exit we had no way of knowing that the best was yet to come.  At the southern end of 21st Street is a fantastic little music store, the Shamrock Music Shoppe.  We have probably walked by it hundreds of times.  This night, with the cool neon lights in the windows reflecting off the buildings original stamped tin ceiling and flashing off the shiny lacquer finish of the guitars hanging along the walls, it stopped us in our tracks.  The Owner, Scott Kinney, had just hung the CLOSED sign on the door when he saw us peering in his windows.   He stuck his head out and asked us if we would like to take a look around?  Well, Yea!  The second we walked into the shop it hit me …Shamrock Music Shoppe is a small version of Gruhn Guitars in Nashville.  Shamrock, like Gruhn for anyone who has been, has guitars of every shape and size hanging in rows on the walls.  So, if you are looking for a new instrument or just want to check out  a really cool music shop Purcellville is really not that far out and Shamrock would definitely be worth the trip. You can tell that Scott loves his business even taking time to show us a rack of exceptionally beautiful electric guitars that had been hand-shaped and finished by a local craftsman.  Impressive!


All in all, what a great way to end the night!