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monday musings: a mid-century euro chair find

monday musings: a mid-century euro chair find
written by Stephanie and David

Ever think that good deals (cheap stuff) and unique finds where a thing of the past?  We certainly did.  It seems like only yesterday it was easy to find inspirational stuff, reasonably priced, that could be repainted or re-purposed into something interesting and fun.  Then, almost over night, it was as if the gods had frowned upon us!  Now those things we found to be interesting and fun were no longer reasonably priced, in fact it was as if sellers believed them to be PRICELESS!

Enter, It’s Bazaar on 21st Street in Purcellville, Virginia. The best way to describe It’s Bazaar (appropriately named by the way) is:  Retail space that is part consignment, part antiques, part vendor space all mixed together, shaken and stirred, in a downtown coffee shop, you know, like a… a bazaar.  We discovered It’s Bazaar back in May when a some old, gray high school lockers, that were sitting at the curb in front of the store, caught our eye while driving through town one night.  The lockers ended up on a mudroom bench and like magic, the gods smiled!  Maybe, just maybe, we had found a new place to satisfy our thirst for unique and inspirational things at  reasonable prices.

Well, long story short (and the reason for this musing), while we were downtown last weekend for the 1st Annual Purcellville Food and Wine Festival the unique and interesting bug struck again.  We walked into It’s Bazaar and stumbled upon a set of four (4) Mid-century Modern, made in Denmark, solid wood chairs.


Oh, it is indeed the stuff of dreams. Of course, there were no tags on the chairs and even as we inquired about the price, we where certain they would be well beyond our means.  Or, would it be that the gods were smiling?

Well, as you can see from the photos the gods were indeed smiling and oh what a plan we have for these fantastic little bits of history.  So, stay tuned.  We plan on transforming the set into a  functional and usable work of art.  Be assured they will be hip and happening once we are finished with them.  Who knows… you might just find them here ‘for sale”.

…what have you mused about lately?  Happy Monday!