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monday musings: math lesson 101

monday musings:  math lesson 101
written by Stephanie

Farm House Stairs Makeover

One day, in our former farm-house, I was looking at the stairs and was alarmed by what I saw.  Peeking out from the plain and boring white paint on the risers was hints of 1970’s avocado green paint.  To my horror, I realized this awful paint color had begun rearing its ugly head via shoe scuffs that had chipped away the white paint.    I decided it was time for a change before the ugly green paint took over.   My first plan of action was to prep the stairs with a little sanding to the areas with chipped paint and then followed by a thorough cleaning.  I decided on a dark oil-based paint color (sorry, I needed heavy-duty traffic paint) for the risers and chose Deep Space by Benjamin Moore.   After 2 coats of Deep Space and good 24 hours of drying time for each coat of paint, I took out my trusty set of stencil brushes and a set of number stencils (found at AC Moore) and got to work.  The process was easy and the end result was playful. The numbers made for such a fun design impact. My kids thought the numbers were great and avoided step number 5 like the plague. Why you ask? Well, during their times of unruly behavior, step number 5 became the “time-out” seat!

“Oooooh… step number 13!”

…. but wait, I didn’t stop at the stairs.  David had built a bench for the kids to use in the kitchen as a step stool.  The bench had been sitting in the kitchen unfinished and screaming out for me to paint it.  I decided to paint the bench as step number 13 as a humorous nod to the unlucky number 13.  Ever notice in some elevators there is no “13th” floor?  Me, superstitious ….obviously not!


Sorry folks, I didn’t do this as a DIY.  The stairs and bench were done way before this blog was ever envisioned.  If you have any questions on how to complete this project, send me an email or leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them.