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life in a log cabin: discovery channel live on the back patio

life in a log cabin: discovery channel live on the back patio
written by David
pictures by Stephanie

The day started much like any other when you live in a log cabin…Thunder, our 3 year-old black Lab, running up to the back door foaming at mouth. That’s right thick and frothy white foam streaming from both sides of his beautiful Labrador jowls. “GREAT, what now!”  Thank God for “THE GOOGLE” because…apparently, (and who knew?) the common toad secretes a poison through its skin and if your idiot dog sees fit to scoop it up in his mouth, presto change-o, a mouth-full-of-foam worthy of “Cujo”. The foaming at the mouth situation is easily rectified, just place the end of a hose in the side of the dog’s mouth and spray until all the poison is washed away or the dog drowns (or at least he thinks you are trying to drown him, LOL), which ever comes first. The bigger problem…what to do with the toad? For you see, the dog, without regard for the foam streaming out of his mouth and what had to be one horrendous after-taste, still wanted at the damn thing. I mean after all, it was HIS prize. So, should we relocate the toad or just keep Thunder inside until he lost interest? Well, before we could decide Mother Nature stepped up to the plate and the result was a show worthy of the Discovery Channel.

Enter the Dragon…actually not a dragon, it was only a lowly Garter Snake.

Small, not more than 2 feet in length, and with a mouth that at first glance did not seem at all large enough to swallow the toad’s leg let alone swallow the whole toad…ALIVE.  Au contraire! The ensuing struggle lasted the better part of 4 hours with Easton and Scarlett sitting ring side for the whole event and with the toad alive and kicking as its head slipped past the snake’s unhinged jaw. The best part, just like mini-Discovery Channel producers, the kids armed with digital cameras and video recorders taped the entire toad dining experience digitally.

They have video and stills starting from “Maverick, I’ve got your MiG (read: TOAD) dead ahead! I’ve got Lock! Firing!“, to a jaw and throat stretching exercise of epic proportion, followed by the Garter Snake, with a final herculean move, wordlessly commanding the toad to “Get into my B-E-L-L-Y!” and the Grand Finale…the victor, sated and bulging slightly in the middle, slithering off to the wood line.

… it’s just another day in the life of log cabin living.