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monday musings: a new take on old wood paneling… bamboo flooring

monday musings:  a new take on old wood paneling… bamboo flooring
written by Stephanie

Yes, that really is bamboo flooring on the wall!


Don’t laugh, it’s really not that far-a-field from the old wood paneling of the 1970’s… but, the esthetic is eclectic and so much hipper.   Hardwoods and even laminates, such as Pergo, are not just for floors anymore.  Depending on the size of your room, the flooring could be applied to all the walls or just choose one wall as an accent.  I wanted to warm up a rather large room in my old house by creating a focal point on a specific area with the application of bamboo floor planks.  I just knew this idea would deliver the POP! I was looking for and since this wall was in a high traffic area the resulting low-maintenance finish was a bonus. 

The cost to do an accent wall can be very budget friendly.  Often you can find random boxes of pre-finished hardwood or laminate planks on clearance at Home Depot or Lowes.  The tongue and groove system makes this an easy install and can typically be done in a weekend.  If you are unsure how to install laminate flooring, Home Depot offers free weekly workshops on how to.  You might even be lucky enough to have an instructor who has done a wall installation and give you some guidance.  This was not the case when we were buying our bamboo flooring.  The flooring sales guy asked David what room he was doing the install on.  David’s reply was, “Oh, I’m not putting this on a floor, I am hanging it on a wall.”  The “ye-of-little-imagination” sales guy thought David was nuts and wished him luck!   

Don’t be bound by convention, think outside the box!  There are so many gorgeous colors and textures to from which to choose.  The next time I try this application I might do a tonal mixture using multiple colors and textures.  Or, maybe I’ll use cork flooring!

Happy musing….