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serendipity: Tagxedo, word cloud art

serendipity: Tagxedo, word cloud art
written by Stephanie

Today I stumbled upon a blog site called Laissezfair and I was instantly enamored by her hip and inspirational content.  She was blogging about a really cool website and thought I would share it with you.  Tagxedo.  It is a site-based  application that turns your words, poetry, news articles, famous speeches, slogans, and even your love letters into stunning works of art.  You simply input your text and the website provides the tools to help you create a word cloud shape.  There are numerous shapes, themes and fonts to choose from.  The tool also allows you to upload your own shapes and fonts to be as creative as your little heart’s desire.  After you have designed your word cloud you can save your image to file, share it on your social media sites or order your design on embellished products directly from the Tagxedo store.  Pretty cool… huh?

Here are some of my quick design ideas I came up with today.  Of course, the first one I did was with the PlanetDwell Blog tag words and categories in a tree silhouette….

I absolutely refuse to buy standard “off-the-rack” greeting cards.  I tend to hunt out the unique hand-made letter-press cards or I’ll just create my own.  I think hand-made cards just express much more sincerity and sentiment.  Tagxedo can help you do just that.

Tagxedo word cloud designs can easily be printed on card stock, iron-on transfer paper  and/or printer fabric paper.   With your images in hand you can than embellish t-shirts, aprons, canvas totes, pillow shams, table linens, tea towels, edges of pillow cases and sheets… the list goes on and on.

My brain was positively churning… this next design I thought would make a fun, funky and hip accent pillow for my black leather Wassily sling chair.  Needless to say, I am now well acquainted with the names of my daughter’s Crayola crayons!

How about a little quick and simple wall art.  By using printer ready canvas paper you can print your designs, frame them and hang them, all in a blink of an eye!  I created a little homage to family to hang on our “wall-of-fame” among the family pictures.

My last dabbling was with my daughter’s room in mind.  Scarlett, like her father, is a bit bird-like, that is to say they are attracted to shiny things.  Scarlett is always “finding” things on the ground during our outings to the craft stores and she returns home with her pockets brimming. So, I envision this design being transferred onto a square of muslin, framed in a shadow box with a hand full of “her treasures”, charms, beads and sequins all loosely rolling inside the frame…. whimsical and girlie!

Whew… so many ideas… so little time.  Clearly it’s time to log off and swing into a little DIY action.  Stay tuned my friends…